„Automatic Writing: Connecting to Your Muses and Spirits“ with Sandra Huber

In this workshop, Sandra Huber will be presenting exercises, information, and resources designed to open up your engagement with automatic writing and spirit writing. Ultimately, these techniques free creative energy by helping us connect to the muses and spirits around us. Sandra has been engaging with automatic writing and spirit writing for more than a decade, and has published on the topic as well as held artist residencies and workshops focused on this practice. At the end of this workshop, participants will celebrate their achievements, and one another, by finding ways to „perform“ their collaborative work.

Sandra Huber is a writer, researcher, and educator. She holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities, where she focused on the media and techniques of contemporary witchcraft, and she is currently Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies and Practices in the Fine Arts at Concordia University. Sandra wrote Assembling the Morrow: A Poetics of Sleep (Talonbooks, 2014). She currently lives in Tio’tia’ke / Mooniyang / Montreal where she tries to find more time for fresh air, astrology, cats, and sunsets. sandrahuber.com

Dates: 25. October, 16. November, 22. November; in each case 16-19 Uhr CET

Registration at: support@igfem.at. Registration fee of €10 per workshop secures (only) the spot in the workshop. Additionally, participants will incur workshop costs of €50.

Members, supporters, staff, and women with low income are eligible for discounted or free spots: Registration and information at support@igfem.at.