The Association of Feminist Authors demands a feminist agenda in literature, politics and the public sphere.

  • We promote feminist writers, feminist approaches and actions, as well as literature and art in general.
  • We are committed to an interdisciplinary and complex approach, diversity in opinions and values.
  • We are interested in the works of feminist authors with a linguistic and/or socio-critical approach.

IG Fem AT considers itself both a lab as well as an association of and for feminist and socio-critical authors. The association works together with national and international literary representatives, organisations, public institutions and authors. Our mission is to highlight the unequal conditions in the Austrian literary scene and to advocate gender equality by focusing on the political and public sphere, communicating with public authorities, applying for funding, highlighting knowledge and experience, building a network of feminist authors and cultivating writing and feedback groups.

If you would like to join us and/or are interested in cooperating with us – welcome!

How can I participate?

We offer regular workshops in form of writing groups, which are open for both beginners and experienced writers. Theoretical inputs, as well as practical exercises and giving and receiving feedback via “Sounding Board” will help you improve and develop your writing.

Experienced writers: Mondays (weekly), 6-8pm, online

Beginners: Thursdays (2nd and 4th of the month), 4-6pm, online

Sprachkunst” writing group- open for all: Thursday (1st and 3rd of the month), online

Fee: 20€ Registration: support@igfem.at

We also host an online theoretical group on a regular basis, focusing on feminist theory, writing, philology and literary studies as to develop, deepen and reflect individual poetologies.

Feminist Theory – open for all: Wednesdays (3rd of the month), 12-2pm, online

Book Club – open for all: Wednesdays (1st of the month), 4-6pm, online

Our online jourfixe, feminist writer’s meetup takes place weekly. A space to discuss various current topics, such as the impact of the Corona crisis and further an implementation plan of the Gender Paper.

Jourfixe – open for all: Fridays (weekly), 12-2pm, online

Registration: support@igfem.at


President: Gerlinde Hacker

Gender Paper
In Austria, there is currently no support for feminist authors. The percentage of women writers in relevant committees, leadership positions and public institutions as well as in juries is far below 50%. Compared to male authors, female authors receive significantly less awards, grants and scholarships. Only if we have enough declarations of support, we will be able to become visible and voice our demands effectively.