How can I participate?

We offer regular online-writing groups for both beginners and more experienced writers in which we share theoretical input as well as stylistic feedback:

Our feminist networking group meets on Friday from 12 to 2 pm or thursday 7 to 8.30 pm CET. We discuss women’s position within the literary world, relevant current social and political events as well as the development and realization of our projects and other themes. These meetings also provide opportunities for female authors and other literary enthusiasts to connect and network.

The self-organized group “igfem spontan” meets to visit feminist exhibitions, theatre, discussions, lectures, travels and more. We coordinate these meetings on Signal, where informal discussions and suggestions are welcome.

Register for the Signal group by emailing us at:

NEW: In the AI (artificial intelligence) group, we explore digital transformation in the arts, literature, and nonprofit sector with a special focus on our organization ≠igfem. Regular meetings and workshops are scheduled to begin in September 2023 and last until 2025.